Renewable energy

Renewable energy is one of our expertise. We believe power is extremely essential for effective daily needs and can improve the economy productivity of the Nation drastically.

Our 300W – 50kW stand-alone green sustainable power solution for RESIDENTAL and COMMERCIAL purposes is using wind and solar system for 24/7 uninterrupted electricity supply.

When there is self-sufficient electricity available, a battery is needed to balance the difference between the production and generation of power.

A sizable battery functions as an electricity storage to be used when needed.

The system is designed to be remotely operated from our network center, so during installation, we shall make separate cabling line for the system to enable us manage the performance effectively. 

The ATW energy system is basically wind turbines / solar system that generates energy within the load capacity that enables our customer remain connected with 24/7 power supply. Customer gets 24 hours full load guarantee of our promised target of electricity for any categories.