ICT solution

High Speed Internet

High speed uninterrupted internet and Wi-Fi solution which conveniently uses best available internet connection.


Employees educated thru the company ICT policy and information security onsite.


Secure corporate, network, servers, laptops and other devices from threats.

Improve CCTV software features by making camera surveillance intelligent.

Biometric technology

National identification system which allows one person to have one identity. Identity is tied on personal characteristics so it is impossible for one person to have multiple identities. Identity is shown by identity card which is impossible to counterfeit.

Identity card usage:

  • Election
  • Security
  • Personal usage
  • Healthcare / Social security
  • National Economy / Taxation

Benefits of identity card for elections:

  • Safe. State of art security voting and counting machines that can detect irregularities in any polling center’s during the election, and such results can be retrieved from designated office in Nigeria through our support machines integrated with our Wi-Fi solution for rural communities without internet connectivity.
  • Transparent. One identity = one vote, everyone can see the phases of election openly, counterfeit cards are automatically denied.
  • Elections can be monitored internationally by security surveillance systems.
  • No need to manually register voters for upcoming and future elections.
  • Cheaper to arrange.